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We get it. Home energy efficiency isn’t sexy or funny, but it IS important. This Sister Eden Short shares 3 tips on how to save money and improve your home’s energy efficiency!

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We’d like to thank Uni the Unicorn Mueller for appearing in this Sister Eden Short. No unicorns were injured during the filming of this video.

More About the Facts and Articles Referenced in this Short

Fly In Fact #1 – Over Half of U.S. Energy Production is Wasted

According to Clean Technica, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reports that the United States is just 39% energy efficient. How is this possible? Well, our behavior makes us energy INefficient. For example, over-drying our clothes, leaving the air conditioning running when we could turn it up (i.e. make it slightly warmer), leaving lights on when they could be turned off or leaving appliances plugged in when not in use all are just a few examples of behaviors that contribute to energy INefficiency.

Energy Star has an awesome, easy-to-use, illustrated tool to give you tips on how to save energy in each room in your home! Check it out!

Tip #1 – Replace Incandescent Lightbulbs with LED Lightbulbs

Just a few years ago, the common practice was to replace incandescent lightbulbs with the more energy efficient compact florescent lightbulbs (CFLs) because they cost significantly less to the even more energy efficient LEDs. But now, LEDs have come down in price and while you may pay a bit more up front for them, they will last longer! We installed LEDs in our home in January 2012 and as I write this, we have not yet had to replace a single bulb! Use this LED calculator to determine how much money you can save by making the switch!

Tip #2 – As Appliances Wear Out, Replace Them with High Efficiency Models

High efficiency appliances will use less energy and help you save on your energy bill. They may cost a bit more, but you’ll recoup that extra cost in energy savings and, depending on your utility company, you may be eligible for rebates when you purchase energy efficient appliances. Check with your utility company to learn more. Check out products rated Energy Star Most Efficiency in 2014.

Tip #3 – Get a Home Energy Audit

These days, there are lots and lots of companies that provide home energy audits. If you live in the Annapolis-Baltimore-Washington, DC area, watch this short video about a special deal for Sister Eden followers. If you live outside that area, locate a company in your state who will provide a home energy audit.


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